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Ever since I can remember, and when a 486 was the coolest thing in my life, I've always loved computers. And though I've always kept up on what's been happening in the tech world, I was drawn into the world of entrepreneurship throughout my 20s. During this time in my life I learned invaluable experience and knowledge about the value of hard (and finding hard workers). Having owned a couple different start-ups during my 20s, I slowly started building my web development skills as a way to cut costs and keep my small businesses afloat. 2016 is when it all changed for me though. I had owned a small courier business and I'd needed to put together a proposal that would've been a game changer for my business at the time. This led to a deep dive into all the crazy-cool world of programming and automation!

Fast forward to the present and my love for the web has put me neck-deep in the world of technology and programming! I love the challenges that come with the territory and the constant critical thinking skills that are needed to keep driving forward.

Personal Information

  • NameJonathan Havens
  • Age36
  • ResidenceLas Vegas, USA
  • Phone+1(702) 996-6377


Website/Wordpress Development

This is the most common service that I provide and it includes building your website with Wordpress, custom coding, or a combination of both. If you have a custom coded website and you'd like to be able to manage or maintain your website without coding, then I can switch your coded website over to a Wordpress website. I also provide custom Wordpress themes, plugins, and/or RESTful API configuration for your website.

Digital Marketing Consultant

I provide the entire setup/back-end for all search engine optimization (aka 'SEO') and Social Media Marketing. The most important and valuable service in this arena is DATA! My approach to this entire formula is that, "if you're not making data-driven decisions, you're not doing it right"! I provide you with as much as data as you can handle in order for you to make informed and analytical decisions, always based on the facts. If you're not seeing and digging into the data with your current marketing provider, time to get a new one, it's that simple. I provide search engine optimization, social media marketing, and custom dashboards that bring all the most important data into one place.

Responsive Design

I wanted to throw this in here because I do still see some websites (mainly for local businesses) that don't have a responsive website. If this is HAVE to have a responsive website these days! Otherwise, just take the entire thing down until you do have one. It's actually hurting your brand, reputation, and your sales in general. Depending on what you've used to build your website, this could be a very quick process - but even if it isn't, it's worth fixing asap, no doubt about it.

Google Suite Programming

With Google's robust network of APIs and an extremely powerful programming language, there are countless ways in which Google programming can cut down on your administrative and data entry costs. These options include, but aren't limited to, recurring tasks to clean or archive your Gmail inbox, custom Google sheet functionality, spreadsheet functions, and/or Google Sheet add-ons, automated Google Calender integration with your website or project management system(s), auto-generation of PDFs, auto-filing documents and/or files into any Google Drive folder or collection of folders, and so on. It's productivity on steroids!!

Mobile Application Development

I specialize in data driven mobile applications. I can help with a simple app that your customer or prospects can download or order services from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Or, I can help you create a mobile app that's fully integrated with your CRM and/or database and allows any team member's or customers to interact with your business through the app.

Sales Funnels/Lead Generation

Whether you have a primary website or not, it's quite common for today's businesses to focus on building landing pages or sales funnels long before they ever build a full website for their company. Sometimes it may make more sense to JUST have landing pages or sales funnels due to the limited attention span of today's web surfer..myself included. If you're goals include hyper-focused marketing to promote a primary product or service, this may be the perfect solution for your business!



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