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This website is built using Wordpress and various plugins that Wordpress offers. When I initially started working on this projects, the company website looked very different, and contained all sorts of textual content with very little visual appeal. So this single page website is what was decided upon, until the rest of this website could really be built out. Since there's 10-15 agents that work for here, and they all needed their own landing pages, that's what came next. I recently finished all landing pages for each of the agents here and they're now doing various online marketing methods in order to bring in leads. The \"Agent Landing Pages\" project is listed as separate entity within my projects, due to the fact that they aren't being linked to from the home page...yet. Traffic is being driven directly to these agents' pages.

  • Client: American Senior Benefits Southwest
  • Website:
  • Categories: Responsive Web, Wordpress, Digital Marketing, Data Handling
  • Built With: Wordpress, Adobe XD, Bootstrap, Jquery
  • Digital Marketing Tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Social Media Pixels, Custom and Lookalike Audiences across Social Media, Competitor Analytics, Data Mining, and Ad Re-targeting
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