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Insurance Agent Landing Pages

These landing pages are built on top of Wordpress and use various Wordpress plugins. These pages were finished as of July, 2019. They exhibit a variety of functionality for those who visit! Visitors can contact the agent directly from their landing page, book/schedule an appointment with the agent, get quotes for 3 different types of insurance products that they offer, and download a few different eBooks that are very important to their target audience.

One thing I will mention is that, at this point in time (which is Aug, 2019), I'm not very happy with the load time for these pages, but I intend on fixing this (and a few other) issues in the near future. The main priority was to get these sites published so they could really start driving their online marketing efforts. A few of the steps I'll be taking to help with page load is to 1) Minify as many assets as possible, 2) Re-format and re-optimize all images and video that these pages contain, and 3) Strip out any unnecessary html/css/javascript that may be sitting on any of these pages. The next big stepping stone for this entire project is to connect all the newly created content to each other, making everything accessible from the home page, or from when someone lands on any of the agents' landing pages.

  • Client: American Senior Benefits Southwest
  • Website: View Page
  • Categories: Website, Design, Wordpress, Digital Marketing, SEO Maintenance, Responsive
  • Built With: Wordpress, Adobe XD, Bootstrap, and Jquery
  • Digital Marketing Resources: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Social Media Pixels, Custom and Lookalike Audiences across Social Media, Competitor Analytics, Data Mining, and Ad Re-targeting
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Services section of the agent landing pages on website