Web Services

Not entirely. I do offer Wordpress services as well. If you're using a different website building platform, please let me know and we'll see if it's still a possibility. I should also mention that I've created an application that's just for this purpose. You'll be able to manage your site super easily, from the admin login - and it can also be extended in any custom fashion. It's still super easy for you to use. I'll have a demo of it published soon, so you can try it out!!
I do provide this option, though it's not the default option. You'd have to specifically ask for this. Reason being, content creation is an entirely seperate category of service with which I generally bring in some outside help.
Yes, I provide what's called a 'development version' of your site that's live while I'm creating it whenever you request it. It's protected by a username and password that will be required before you're able to view it. You'll be able to login to the client portal to get the URL, username, and password at anytime. Then you can go straight to this URL in your browser and see the different parts of your site. Additionally, you'll be able to submit service requests through the client portal at any time.
Domain: Definietly. I can hook your website up with any domain that you or I am able to access DNS records for. If unsure that you can access this, just shoot me a message and we'll get it worked out.
Hosting: If you've already purchased a hosting plan, please let me know who you bought your hosting plan with and what type of plan you purchased. If you haven't purchased one yet, this makes this process very simple and straightforward - more affordable as well. Since most providers allow you to bundle domains with hosting services, you can generally get these services at a better cost if you purchase them both together. I'd also be able to suggest a few of the more reputable providers that I'm aware of.
I offer a few different approaches to this.
First: You're able to use my applications on a monthly basis. If you choose to do so, I include basic website maintentence at no extra cost to you!
Second: If you don't want to use any of the applications I provide, I do offer several affordable website maintenence plans with which you can always let me know if you're having an issue and I'll get it fixed for ya, likety-split!
Third: If both of the previous options aren't to your liking, I also provide 'one-off services' that you can request. In some cases this can be more affordable, but if - for example, you have a very active or interactive website - then the maintenence may be higher then normal.
Yes, this is definitely an option. For most basic websites, this is generally around $20/mo for the basic oversight and maintenence. There are more advanced and invloved possibilities, as well as for more advanced types of sites - like web application management, but as usual it depends on how involved the oversight is, how complex your site is, and if you're interested in adding more features as time goes on.

Sourcefli Applications

If you've used an application like Buffer, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or any other monthly subscription service for your marketing, you wouldn't need to pay for some of these applications anymore! I've prepared a small collection of applications (and am continuing to expand this collection as time goes on) that I've made available for my clients. Please note, I'm not a full-time 'software as a service' provider. I provide these applications as 1) A low-priced alternative to the more popular applications out there, or 2) As an additional perk to all those who I conduct regular business with! I do work on improving them when there's time, and I'm working on building a couple more throughout 2020.
By default, I offer everyone a free 7-day trial regardless of whether you've purchased anything or not. If you have made any type of purchase, I'm happy to extend your trial for another 30 days, or I can just give you a much better rate then you're probably paying for Buffer or Mailchimp or others.
The most prominant type of application I currently have to offer right now is marketing. I have one application which allows you to manage Facebook messenger like you would with email or SMS marketing. You can send out mass messages on Facebook messenger, setup auto-replies, auto-comments, and much more on there. Another application allows you to create and schedule posts to the most common platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Wordpress, and others. You'll also be able to send out SMS and/or email marketing messages with this app. I also offer the same CRM system that I use to manage all my contacts, projects, and so on. This comes with a portal for your customers to login with (which you'd see if you became a client), share files with you, track their billing, and more. Lastly, and as of right now, I have one more application you can use which allows you to very easily manage the way your website looks. I've already taken care of how things are layed out and have made sure it's ready to for 'plug-n-play capability'. Which means you'd just have to login, upload some photos, write some text for your site, then your done! No headaches. Super simple to use!
Definitely! Not only would I give you a discount on subscriptions to my applications, but I'd also give you discounts and freebies for my other services! I'd encourage you to take advantage of the other services I offer which really compliment the applications that I offer. When coupled with the marketing and/or data automations I provide, your clients and contacts would often wonder how you're always getting so much done in so little time!
Of course! I have memberships that are as low as $4.99/mo! This also comes with some basic support that I'd provide to you in order to make sure the process of getting started is very simple for you. My hope is that eventually you'll want to add more services but it's 100% ok if you never do, I plan to take great care of each client anyway!

Billing & Pricing

For some services, I offer some templates or pre-defined starting points with which I can give an easy quote - or if you'd only like to have a subscription, those monthly costs are easy to determine. For most of my other services though, there's just too many variables at play which prevent me from summing everything up into one price. The price of each project can vary quite a bit, depending on what you'd like to have done. I do default to $25/hr though.
For recurring services, I always send out an invoice once a month. I also provide a 'Client Portal' with which you'll be able to login at anytime and view your invoices, print them out, and so on. For non-recurring or one-time services, I always provide an estimate before we begin which lays out all the projected costs and an estimated timeline. With this, I always ask for 50% up-front to get the project started, 25% when we've reached a pre-defined middle-point, and the final 25% once the project is complete. The 50% in the beginning is because of the amount of planning and setup that needs to be done when the project is started.
As a general rule, I don't provide refunds. If, for some reason you're not happy with the results of one of my services, I'll always go out of my way to make sure that you're very happy with the what you've purchased. If, after the working application, website, or service has been completed, you begin having issues or malfunctions, I'll be glad to do a basic diagnostic to see if I can find the issue. However, in this scenario, any work beyond a basic diagnostic would be viewed as a seperate transaction and/or service. Lastly, if for any reason there is an issue that's due to any of the work that I've done for you, I'll always provide a refund if I'm unable to fix the issue...no doubt about it.
I don't accept anything other then debit/credit. I use the Stripe API to process all payments or subscriptions, therefore, I can accept the majority of debit/credit providers.
As a general rule, I don't charge any type of cancellation fee. That being said, if we're in the middle of working on a project together (e.g. You've hired me to create a website for you) and you decide you would like to cancel or go in a different direction, any work that's been done for that project that was currently being worked on is non-refundable and non-transferrable. In other words, if you decide you'd only like to subscribe to an app that I provide, instead of continuing a project/service that you've already given me the initial payment for, that initial payment is essentially forfeited - due to the time/effort that were already put forth before you cancelled or changed your mind.

Data Integrity & Integrations

Sure! This is the concept of having consistent, clean, and valid data throughout your company operations and/or systems. If you've had to manage a CRM or ERP with multiple team members, you're probably aware of how bad and how quickly the data can get messed up! If you haven't managed one of these types of systems, take my word for it...it gets very frustrating! Whether it be from users mis-typing data, duplicating contacts, not updating data when they should be, or many other things, these errors really begin to accumulate over time and you're left with data that's very hard to trust and run your business off of. Data integrity, in the sense that I'm referring to it, is an entire philosophy with which your data would be managed. Depending on the amount of help you would like, I can help make sure that everyone's entering valid data (in the correct format), your database is always being updated and/or cleaned if necassary, and in worst-case scenarios I can gut the entire system and clean all the data using advanced spreadsheet techniques.
Yes. If you'd like a one-time service for me to clean-up all your data, I can do that. I can also do this on a recurring basis too, if you need it.
Beyond standard integrations, which include something like 'Send the data from this form on my website to my CRM system anytime someone fills it out', I also offer more complex data integrations. This can include looking up or scraping data from the web on a recurring basis (e.g. once an hour, once per day, etc), looking up more contact information by clicking a button, auto-posting to any of your social media or website whenever a certain peice of data comes in, and many more...this list can go on forever. If you still have a question regarding this, I'd definitely encourage you to reach out to me and just let me know what you're interested in doing.
Not at all! Well, so long as you follow the 'unoffical rules' of web scraping. Each website or application on the internet contains a file that includes a list of pages that they do or don't want you to view. So long as you follow these rules, you're well within the 'code of ethics' that's expected from any sites that are out there. Most tech companies take advantage of web-scraping, though for whatever reason, they don't tend to mention it very often.
These days, almost anything someone can do while they're sitting at a computer can be automated. A few of the (endless) options are: posting to Craigslist on a recurring basis, posting to Facebook Ads on a recurring basis, sending something in the mail whenever something important happens, knowing whenever someone mentions a relevant keyword (to your industry) on Twitter, auto-posting news from an aggregated feed, and on and on...

Other Misc. Questions

Each build or project typically has 3 phases in which we will go through: 1) Intial setup/prototyping phase, 2) Begin development phase, 3) Mid-project Milestone phase. Each one of these phases will include up to 3 revisions with which you'll be able to see or interact with the work thus far. Upon reviewing this, you'll be able to tell me what you'd like to change.
In most cases, we will begin with a brand new server. This is because of the liabilities and difficulties associated with working on a server you may already have. Unless you're hiring me for extensive work or you have a server that is basically empty (and even then, it will still depend), chances are that we'll need to begin building on a brand new server. In most cases, data on one server can interact with another, so this doesn't mean that what you may already have is irrelavent to what I'll be building or helping you with. This only means that there may need to be an extra step in having to connect the data on these servers, which I can usually help with as well.
Depending on what you need done, there are several solutions for this. Bear in mind though, I am not a server administrator. That in mind, the first option is that the project I built for you was already built on my server, which means that I'm already maintaining the server, thus you won't need to. The next two options would incur charges. The second option is that I built your project on it's own server, which means it will need to be maintained. If, in this situation, you'd prefer to manage it on your own, you're welcome to do so. If you'd like someone else to do it, I would hire a part-time server administrator to watch over your server on your behalf. Then, if anything ever came up or if you ever wanted to make changes, I'd be able to work with this person to get things done. The third option is for me to work with a full-time server administrator and actively run maintenence checks, upgrades, security tests, and optimizations which ensure that your server is working at optimal performance along with the application or website that I built for you.
As a general rule, I always keep this in mind during development and I try to implement as much compatability as possible. This is not always possible though, based on what's being built. If you're intersted in more modern technologies and/or the services you're asking for are based on more modern capabilities, there are generally one or two browsers that just don't play well...namely, Internet Explorer. Though, sometimes only Chrome and/or Firefox are the only ones that work...it really just depends. When it comes to mobile devices though, responsiveness is built-in to the pricing of any websites or applications that I build for you. There are some very rare exceptions which come along with displaying data in some applications or websites. If one of these situations comes up, I will let you know ahead of time that it will be a bit more of a fee to implement the more advanced features that you may need.
This all depends on the project. In general, I like to transfer all rights over to you and I only ask that you provide accredidation on the footer of your website or application. If you're asking for a more advanced application or it becomes an ongoing project with more and more features, I do retain the rights of the source code but I do allow you to whitelabel the application or website to fit the needs of your brand. This is often case-by-case, but I really like to empower you, my client, and I want you to be overly satisfied with the results of working with me!!