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Custom Google Sheet Functionality

As straightforward as this option is, it's a very powerful feature to have access to. As with any good data, it always lands on a spreadsheet at some point in it's life. When you add custom functionality to Google Sheets you can 1) Pull data from any (accessible) point on the internet, run whatever calculations/analysis on it, then spit out whatever results you're looking for...and this can generally be done within one, maybe two, custom Google Sheet functions. The power is in the back-end, when you have the ability to run any programming code that you want to. It makes it super simple for you, the user, to work with...especially since so many people are already familiar with Google Sheets. I've attached a very simple example below, just click on the photo.

  • Client: None.
  • Website: None.
  • Categories: Data handling, Google Programming, FliBot Possibilities, & Marketing Possibilities
  • Built With: Javascript, Fetching API Data, and/or Google Apps Scripting
  • Digital Marketing Setup: None.