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I learned a lot back when I built this automation for American Senior Benefits. I'll go into the process a bit here and, hopefully, it'll paint the picture of what's going on in this automation...but before I continue I have to warn you...I'm about to get into the nitty-gritty technical details. If you'd prefer to just see how it works, you can click here to jump to the bottom of this page and watch the slideshow. If you're ready to get into the trenches, let's continue.

Since American Senior Benefits Southwest uses appointment setters at remote locations, those appointment setters would just fill out a very simple pdf, then email it to the office administrator, CC'ing management on this email as well, but that was it! This presented quite a few problems.. 1) What if you wanted to go back and lookup all the appointments that were made within the past few years? 2) All that (updated) data was only residing within each pdf that they were filling out! In this day and age, that data is as good as gold! 3) Should there ever be a need for a different employee or agent to lookup a previously made appointment, there was no way for them to immediately access the data that they were seeking. Their only option was to email the administrator, then wait to get a response. I could list more here but let's move on..

The solution ended up being a Google Suite application flow which is still used to this day, it goes a bit like this... The appointment setter submits the form, then the form hits a server which performs a series of tasks... 1) First, the form data hits a live server, which is then programmed to create a pdf from the data within the form. 2) Second, the appointment data is sent to a Google Spreadsheet which the administrator and all management have access to. 3) The pdf is also sent in an email to all relative parties, including any supervisor(s) who should be in the loop because of any pertinent information that may be in the form. 4) The pdf is also sent to a Google Script which I have setup on a Google Drive that's shared with all admin and management. That script then searches that Google Drive, for a folder that has the same name (named by appointment date) as the appointment date which is in the pdf. If it finds a folder by that date, it puts the pdf in that folder. If it doesn't, it will create a folder with that appointment date, then it places the pdf in that folder. 5) Lastly, the link to the pdf and the link to the Google Drive folder is sent back to the spreadsheet and written into the data in the spreadsheet. This provides an easy way to get back to that folder or file, all within the spreadsheet.

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